Western Australia, the sage Part II

This is moving very very quickly. Since Saturday, we have discovered that I can get a job, full removal (including flights for the family) and subsidised housing pretty much anywhere outside of Perth, if not for Term 4 then for start in 2008. And no requirement to stay in said role for more than the length of the contract (with no penalties!) even if the contract is one term. Way to get our stuff moved, no?!

HOWEVER – today, husband gets phone call from employment agency for HIS job. Oh, by the way, because you are going to a supervisor role, the company pays relocation costs. EEK! Suddenly, Perth is on the radar. Subsidised housing, no. No travel, yes. Balance. 

According to the spreadsheet (yes, we wrote it all down), we will be further in front than we are now if we move pretty much immediately to a nice suburb of Perth where we can get a four bedroom house for under $350 a week, EVEN IF I AM NOT WORKING. EVEN IF HOUSE HERE DOES NOT RENT IMMEDIATELY. This is frightening! Of course, it would be better if I was working (although not by much, as childcare eats about two thirds of my pay), and if the house was rented (again, not a bloody lot considering the mortgage, but still!), but doable. 

We may be in Perth by early October. We are looking at moving to Parkwood or surrounding area (Hi Simon! I really WILL be able to stuff ASIM envelopes with you!) primarily because it is the one area I know a little in Perth (with family there, and friends) but also because of ease of access to lots of things, especially airport, and the rents seem pretty damn reasonable, considering the price of BUYING there.

We already have good friends booking their berth in the new (as yet unknown) house for four to five weeks!  Heh. 

I have to get my teacher rego going. Quickly. 



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5 responses to “Western Australia, the sage Part II

  1. Anonymous

    Good luck with organising!! It will be lovely to have you over here 🙂 I can recommend that anything around our area is also not to bad pricewise, and I don’t believe we’re far from Simon (or Parkwood). I live in Kenwick, which is near Maddington, Gosnells, Thornlie, East Cannington and Cannington. Not sure that helps but in any case, thinking of you ^_^

  2. Anonymous

    How close is that to me? I’m in Morley and soon moving to Dianella

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