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Harry Potter NO SPOILERS (cos I haven’t finished it)

I haven’t finished it yet, as I’ve been flat out, but I’m enjoying it thus far. The spoilers didn’t spoil it for me, and I’m finding it good. Yup, good English too. 🙂  Couple of things I want to share.

THIS – an interview with Rowling after the release of the book.

And the fact that in my new school of over 1500 students, there are comparatively few who check books out of the library. This library has an excellent and broadly varied fiction collection, which contains five or six copies of each Harry Potter book. The ROW section of the fiction shelves currently has five books. The students are starting with book one, and reading or REreading the series following the release of the movie then Deathly Hallows. I think this is wonderful. 

Another thing that is wonderful is the numerous students of all ages from 11 to 18 I have seen with copies of HP7 under their arms – reading them at lunches, during class, whenever they can. And the innumerable others who have this week made comment on the book I’ve been carting around to classes. Boys and girls of all ages. Actually, PARTICULARLY boys, which I think is awesome. Many of them are reading it, have read it, intend to read it. All of them want to know who dies.

Be sceptical of the Potter phenomenon if you will, but in my own personal experience, Rowling has done a good thing.


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I’m reading The Greatest Team Up Stories Ever Told, an omnibus volume from DC, showcasing some pretty old stuff bringing together different characters. It’s quite surreal, because I’ve been an intermittent comic reader since my childhood, and I used to always get confused about the different characters/situations/villains/crises – now I know WHY! Parallel earths and all that jazz!  

But seriously, were the stories supposed to be so, well, corny? I just read a Two Flashes story and by gum, I cracked up all the way through it. It’s so LAME! And Batman, Robin and Superman time travelling and filling in for the Three Musketeers? LMAO!

Sorry, that’s probably really offensive to comic fans, but boy…


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Is it normal to have about six books on the go around the house? And a Reader’s Digest and various comics borrowed from the school library. And professional magazines during morning tea at work?

And darn it, just got HP&tDH


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Glued to my screen laughing my guts out!!! This is awesomely cool and funny and thumbs nose totally at everything about Harry Potter. Love it – will still certainly read the book next week, but by crikeys this was fun.

What am I talking about? THIS.


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I has a new nephew!

But what’s REALLY funny is that apparently he was supposed to be a niece! My brother and his wife found out the gender early on, but because my mum didn’t want to know, we weren’t told. Sister in law’s mother was though, and arrived from England with a suitcase full of girl clothes. Baby was born this morning with lots of lovely dark hair, and another appendage that wasn’t expected. I admit it, I laughed a lot 🙂 Goes to show that there’s just no point in finding out – where’s the fun?


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