House cleaning

Is, I’m sure, everyone’s favourite thing. Mine is finally clean and tidy for the first time since we moved I think (which is rather nice). I have resigned myself however, to the fact that I am never going to be an excellent housekeeper – for starters, I have much more interesting things I want to do. I also have too much clutter (apparently not compatible with a good housekeeper). When there are books on every available surface (hey, you never know where you’ll be hit with the urge to read something) and children in the house, I sincerely believe that there is little point in being a fanatic about the tidyness of the house. I do believe in cleanliness, that’s different. But tidyness needs a purpose (like visitors!).

As soon as I can afford it though, I’m getting a house cleaner. Floors and bathrooms, that’s all I’m asking for. The rest I’m fine with, but I hate floors and bathrooms.


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10 responses to “House cleaning

  1. Anonymous

    I hate housework. I have my hot spots that I keep up with ie dishes, toilets, bathrooms and floors, but after that it’s every man (and child) for themselves. I always say I’m not tidy, but I am clean.
    My reasoning is that I’d rather spend time with my kids. I don’t believe the house will come up to me in 20 years and say “thanks for all the times you cleaned me.”

  2. Anonymous

    Oh, and did I mention? I’m going back to work on Monday. The first thing I’m doing with my first pay is organising a cleaner.

    • Anonymous

      Good on you! I mean, I’m sure I could think of other things to do with the $30 or $40 per week it will probably cost me, but boy, the arguments, headaches and minor annoyances it will save will be well worth it.

  3. Anonymous

    my husband gave me a rather nice sign: “Dull women have immaculate houses” Itseems to fit my life rather well, mind you, so do the ones that say “Life is too short to drink bad wine” and “I’d give up chocolate … but I’m no quitter”
    Congrats on the clean house *g*

    • Anonymous

      Thank you! It doesn’t last long – we came home this evening after watching Shrek and having a gourmet meal (by that, I mean Maccas!) and…
      … the Maccas cartons go on the counter and the floor where little people put them. Three bags strewn around. Shoes and socks chucked wherever they were removed. Fries on the floor? Yup. Back to normal!

      • Anonymous

        that so sounds like my place *g* Now if you tell me you also have to listen to music with a good beat to be able to clean as well, I intend to be very scared *g*

      • Anonymous

        Ah, most of the music I listen to these days has a theme – like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Wake up Jeff! I *rarely* get to listen to anything grownup, but yes, I always USED to listen to very loud music when cleaning, and still prefer it that way when possible 🙂 I really need to get the MP3 player out, don’t I!

  4. Anonymous

    I agree completely with the distinction between ‘tidy’ and ‘clean’. Nobody gets food poisoning from my kitchen. My bathrooms and toilets are usually pretty clean, despite the determined efforts of two small boys.
    But tidy? Oh, holy crap. I abandoned that false god a couple of lifetimes back. Never, ever gonna happen.
    Take my study, for example. About six metres by maybe four. One decent cupboard. Reasonable supply of bookshelves. Desk, computer, printer. Oh, but it also has to fit all the gear of a martial arts instructor and student. Who is also an occasional photography geek. Who likes making odd glass mosaics. And plays a couple of different musical instruments. And designs games to play with his kids. And of course, has all the reference works and to-hand books of most writer-types.
    Tidy? Christ, I’d need a new dimension of time and space all my own.

  5. Anonymous

    …but you know, sometimes my refrigerator frightens me. Does anybody know what’s fuzzy and green and lives in the bottom of a jar that may once have contained anchovies?

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