Library Thing

While packing our first load of junk, um, stuff, er, household goods, onto the truck to go to the new home, I realised, again, how very many books I have. Husband noticed too. This led to a post to my ASIM group about the number of books, which led to spacejock directing us to his Library Thing catalogue, which led, naturally, to me remembering joining Library Thing a bit back but not doing anything with it. So, instead of being in a packing frenzy, I’m in slow-mo packing mode, in between cataloguing each book I put in the box. I’d be in trouble if husband notices how little I’ve actually got done… Ah well, will work harder tomorrow.

The point of this post. Go to Library Thing. Join. If you have more than 200 books, pay. It is spectacularly easy to use, and a fantastic resource for bookphiles.

I’m dragonkat on LT


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2 responses to “Library Thing

  1. Anonymous

    I love Library Thing. The perfect site for book-geeks to hang out on 🙂
    I’m Liloo on LT.

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