Interesting submissions call..

This came from one of the Yahoo lists I’m on. Wish I had some time…

Call for Submissions – Fantasy Writing Guide…
Posted by: “Dave A. Law” dega_studios
Mon Mar 26, 2007 12:33 pm (PST)
Dragon Moon Press is planning a series of topic-specific guides within
the Fantasy genre. The first guide in the Element of Fantasy Writing
series is on Magic. As such, we are accepting proposals for chapters
on any aspect of magic that might interest other writers. Proposals
should briefly outline what you plan to cover in the chapter, why you
think such a chapter should be included in the guide and bio of
yourself. Multi-proposals are fine, though chapters will be limited to
one or two per author. Chapters should be about 4 to 10 thousand words
long. Preference will be given to previously published authors,
however, other talented writers will be considered. The deadline for
chapter proposals is March 31, 2007. Expected release date is fall
2008. Proposals can be emailed to: with the subject
header of “Fantasy Guide Proposal”.

Dave A. Law & Val Griswold-Ford

PS: Feel free to forward this to any individual, writing group and/or
organization that may be interested.


Dave A. Law

“The Complete Guide to Writing SF: Volume 1 – First Contact”
Dragon Moon Press – Coming Aug. 2007

Virtual Tales – ePublisher

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