Some complications

So the year just got a *little* bit more complicated. For the next six weeks or so at least.
1) We’re pregnant – number 3 (about 10 weeks along – due mid Octoberish) – this means me, sick, tired etc etc til about 16 weeks (if history is anything to go by).
2) Our tenants at our new place are leaving. Husband ecstatic, can’t wait to go. Me, looking forward to new place, not looking forward to packing/moving/unpacking. Bleah.
3) Means giving notice at work.
4) Means figuring out what to do with boy for kindy for term 2.
5) Means figuring out what to do about doctors for new baby. Have had same doctor for nearly five years, through two kids already. Very nervous about changing. (Also going to Dr Death’s hospital – am sure it’s wonderful now but still…)
6) Did I mention packing?
7) Still working on ASIM best ofs, and issue 31. Hmmm. Should be okay. Got til June for the Best Ofs, issue 31 well underway.
8) Glad I’ve already booked tickets and motel for Convergence – no excuses!

In some ways, moving now is better – no clashes with Convergence, we can concentrate on selling the old house and so on. Leaving work a bit sooner than I’d like, but these things happen. Husband will be so over the moon, so that’s a plus. 🙂

It’ll all work out. It always does.


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3 responses to “Some complications

  1. Anonymous

    Congratulations! (-:

  2. Anonymous

    That is a definitely daunting list. Moving out and being sick doesn’t sound fun 😦
    Hang in there. It will definitely work out.

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