In other news, I actually (finally!) got around to completing a piece of writing I’ve been thinking about for literally YEARS and submitting it to ASIM. I won’t say what it is, because some of my *friends* are slushers for Andromeda Spaceways and that would defeat the purpose of the blind slush reading!

Got my fingers crossed though. It’s been that long since I wrote anything, it’s a buzz just to finish something to a point I feel it’s worth submitting!


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2 responses to “Writing

  1. Anonymous

    I’m sorry, who ARE you?!! Are you cyber stalking me? 🙂 I’m not sure why your AOL has a problem with my email address, that’s just weird. I actually deleted your message because I thought it was very sophisticated spam.

  2. Anonymous

    Re: Ad
    Thanks for the note. Here is the letter I tried to send.
    I might like to place some ads in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine.
    What size is a full page?
    Is it possible to buy a 2 page ad, with pages face to face?
    How are hard copies of the magazine bound?
    Are they stapled? If so can my 2 page ad occupy the stapled
    center pages, face to face?
    Can I get e-mail proofs of the ads before they appear?
    I will pay in US$ with PayPal.
    My ads will be related to fantasy stories I am promoting.
    They will feature artwork and text, and be tasteful.
    In the USA, our magazines sometimes run ads with smaller print.
    This is especially good for advertisers who want to convey a lot of useful information to the readers.
    I might like that. What is the smallest size type you have used?
    To save time, you can respond to this inquiry by sending it back with answers in open lines after questions.

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