Interesting Werewolf novel

I picked up Martin Livings’ 2006 novel Carnies at the library on Saturday, purely on the strength of the fact I’ve picked up a story of his for the ASIM Horror Best Of anthology. I finished it late (very) last night and while I really liked the story idea, I found I just wasn’t convinced by some of the characterisation. The character of David was really off to me – I mean here’s this repressed journo, in an unhappy marriage, career failing, family fractured, comes across as completely hopeless, yet turn him into a werewolf and he becomes a homicidal lunatic with all sorts of power. Meh. Just wasn’t set up well enough for me, given that all the other werefolk were quite normal. Having said that, I enjoyed the story itself, thought the horror and supernatural elements were great, and the ending, while a little contrived, was well done. Look forward to seeing more Martin Livings in ASIM pages, and on the shelves!


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4 responses to “Interesting Werewolf novel

  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for the comments! The main things that thrill me are that (a) one more person has actually had to read the damn thing, for which I apologise, and (b) oh my God, some poor sucker of a library has a copy! Could I ask which library it was in???

    • Anonymous

      I didn’t HAVE to read it, I CHOSE to 🙂 And I really did enjoy it, so thank you for that! I must have, or I would have put it down in favour of one of the other dozen or so things I have to read right now.
      It was in my local public library, Miles, QLD, which is part of the QLD State Library regional lending scheme – so it’s come through the SLQ system on a rotation.
      Is there a new novel in the pipeline?

      • Anonymous

        That’s so awesome that the book’s making it into libraries! That’s somehow even more exciting than being in bookshops!
        As for a new novel – well, nothing that’s sitting on an agent’s or publisher’s desk, but I have a few manuscripts I’m working on. 🙂
        PS – “I’ve picked up a story of his for the ASIM Horror Best Of anthology” – does that mean it’s definitely in? I thought it was just on a short list at this stage. 🙂

      • Anonymous

        ASIM Best of
        Well, it’s pretty much a definite (the Horror lineup is finalised – still working on the SF and Fantasy volumes though), contingent upon you agreeing to the payment terms 🙂 I’ll contact you by email soon to find out!

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