So this year…

… I’m down to edit another issue of ASIM in a couple of months (which I’m REALLY looking forward to).
We’re moving by July.
I want to get to Convergence in June.
ASIM e-antho/s due out by Convergence.
Supporting ASIM editors, proofing, slushing, advertising contact, author liaison, etc.
We have a wedding we are definitely attending in September.
A close friend is having a baby in August and might need some time from us to lend a hand (no, not with the delivery, but with the other kids!).
I’m going to try to get through two subjects each semester to start and finish a Graduate Certificate this year.
Hubby wants to holiday in New Zealand.
I’m still working at least two permanent days per week.
Two kids.

hmmmm. Yep, looks fine to me!


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