A good ASIM-y kind of day

I’ve had a very productively ASIM day today. I’m more than three quarters full for issue 31, and ready to roll on with some editing. I’ve learned to hedge my bets with a bit of space because sure as eggs some brilliant story will come into the slush in the next couple of months that I simply can’t do without 🙂

I’ve also been steaming on the ASIM best ofs (we’re doing a SF and Fantasy edition) – these will be e-anthos only, but we’re really looking forward to bringing old favourites back into the light. We’ve had some fun tossing round possible names on our Admin list. I’d love to repeat some of them, but Spacejock says some of them might get us a lawsuit!

So all in all, a productive ASIM day. Gotta love them.

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