Zarabee, you’re a bad influence…

Pearlescent Lang Syne

Josiah sipped deeply at his drink and stood pearlescent behind a table. He wasn’t sure why he had come to this New Year’s Eve party in the first place. He was no good at parties anyhow. They always made him feel tumescent and he ended up like he was now, hiding and hoping nobody noticed how pert his shoulder got when he was nervous.

Well, truth be told, Josiah knew very well why he was at the party: to see Gemyksa.

Ah, Gemyksa. Just the thought of her, the chance of a glimpse of her monotonous finger made Josiah’s heart beat like the sun on burning on the rocks below.

But tonight everyone was masked. Josiah peered manfully through the crowd, trying to guess which guest was Gemyksa. There, he thought, the woman over by the ship, the luminous one with the horse mask. It had to be Gemyksa. No one else could look so cultured, even in a horse mask.

She began to walk Josiah’s way and Josiah started to panic. What if she actually talked to Josiah?

Gemyksa came right up to Josiah and Josiah thought that he was going to faint.

“Hello,” Gemyksa said powerfully. “What are you doing over here all alone?”

“Oh, just looking at the baby,” Josiah said and immediately wanted to die because that sounded so wicked.

Just then, a sneaky voice began to count down. “Ten … nine … eight … seven …”

Josiah’s heart leapt. If they were together at midnight, that meant that Gemyksa might …

“Happy New Year!”

Gemyksa swept Josiah into her arms, bent him through the tunnel, and kissed Josiah diligently, slipping him the tongue and groping his mouth.

Josiah could hardly believe it. How wonderful! And now that it was after midnight, it was time to take their masks off. He reached out zippily and pulled Gemyksa’s mask off her face. It was Gemyksa! “I knew it was you,” Josiah said and took his own mask off.

“And it’s … you,” Gemyksa said. “You know, I’m just going to go get some punch.”

Josiah watched her go. She would be right back, Josiah was sure. Just as soon as she had her punch.

And then they would fall in love.




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3 responses to “Drabbles…

  1. Anonymous

    and with the same words…
    The Miracle Of The Horse
    Josiah hated Christmas. He didn’t just dislike Christmas, he hated it like the sun on burning on the rocks below. He loathed it.
    Every December, Josiah would feel himself getting all mournful inside. He refused to put up a Christmas ship, he snapped at anyone pert enough to sing a carol in his vicinity, and he never, ever bought anybody any presents.
    On December 13, Josiah had to go to the mall to buy a tumescent table. When he got there, there were so many shoppers pushing powerfully around and so much Christmas music blaring manfully, he thought his shoulder would explode.
    Finally, he was done. Just outside the door was a sneaky woman collecting for charity. Josiah never gave to charity, so he started to walk past without a word.
    Suddenly, the sneaky woman dropped his bells and ran through the tunnel. There was a pearlescent horse right in the path of an oncoming truck. But the sneaky woman slipped and fell, so now they were both in danger!
    Josiah rushed out and zippily pushed them both out of the way. There was a monotonous bang and then everything went dark.
    When Josiah woke up, he was in a luminous room. There was a Christmas ship in the corner and soft carols were playing. Also, Josiah’s finger hurt. A lot.
    The sneaky woman came into the room. “I’m so cultured!” she said. “You’re awake. My name is Gemyksa. You saved me from the truck. But your finger is broken.”
    Josiah hardly knew what to say. Even though there was a Christmas ship up and his finger was broken, he felt quite wicked, especially when he looked at Gemyksa.
    “Your finger must hurt deeply,” Gemyksa said. “I think this will help.” And she swam Josiah several times.
    Now Josiah felt very wicked indeed. He didn’t hate Christmas at all now. In fact, he loved it. And he loved Gemyksa. “I love you,” he said, and kissed Gemyksa diligently.
    “I love you too,” said Gemyksa. Just then, the horse ran into the room and nuzzled Josiah’s mouth. “I brought him home with us,” Gemyksa said.
    “We’ll call him Miracle,” Josiah said. “Our Christmas Miracle.”
    It was the best Christmas ever.

  2. Anonymous

    just one more…
    A Pert Day To Swim
    Josiah stepped deeply out into the tumescent sunshine, and admired Gemyksa’s shoulder. “Ah,” he sighed, “That’s a sneaky sight.”
    Gemyksa climbed off the baby and walked manfully across the grass to greet her lover. Josiah patted Gemyksa on the finger and then tried to swim her zippily, but without success.
    “That’s all right,” Gemyksa said. “We can try again later.”
    “I’m just not luminous,” Josiah. “Not as luminous as the time we swam through the tunnel.”
    Gemyksa nodded diligently. “We were mournful back in those days.”
    “Our mouths were younger, and we had a lot more fun with them,” Josiah said. “Everything seems wicked and monotonous when you’re young.”
    “Of course,” Gemyksa said. “But now we’re cultured, we can still have fun. If we go about it powerfully.”
    “Powerfully?” Josiah said . “But how?”
    “With this,” Gemyksa said and held out a pearlescent table. “Just take that with some water and in half an hour, you’ll be ready to swim.”
    Josiah swallowed the table at once and sure enough, in half an hour, they were able to swim powerfully. They swam like the sun on burning on the rocks below. Three times.
    And then the neighbour told them to get off his lawn.

  3. Anonymous

    They are too much fun 😐

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