Please be aware that it’s nomination time for the Ditmars. Nominations close 24th March – anyone anywhere in the world may nominate eligible Australian work – for more information see http://www.natcon.org.au/2007/Ditmars.htm

ASIM published some great eligible work during 2006 – details below:

Issue 21

Editor: Monissa Whiteley
“Spamming the Void” Ben Payne
“Invictus” Dirk Flinthart
“Chill of Eternity” Ian Nichols
“Clockwork Soldier” Stuart Barrow
“Get Pookie” Brendan Duffy (novella)
Internal Art – Peter Cobcroft “Chill of Eternity”

Issue 22

Editor: Tansy Rayner Roberts
“Blake the God” Lee Battersby
“The Sun King” Adam Brown
“Marco’s Tooth” Trent Jamieson
“Love in the Land of the Dead” Shane Jiraiya Cummings
Cover: Conny Valentina “Sun God”

Issue 23

Editor/s: Terri Sellen, Zara Baxter, Stu Barrow
“Instinct” Lee Battersby and Nigel Read
“Dying for Air” Sean Williams and Simon Brown
Cover: Conny Valentina “Fire Magic”

Issue 24

Editor: Edwina Harvey
“Bones” Stephanie Campisi
“Cat Story” Anna Tambour
“Tarans” Simon Brown
“The Second hand bookstore…” Chuck McKenzie

Issue 25

Editor: Nicole Murphy
“The Old Oxford Charm” Christopher Johnstone
“The Red Priest’s Vigil” Dirk Flinthart
“The Mana Bar Kid” Geoffrey Maloney
“Knight Wanted” Jessica Elizabeth

Issue 26
Editor: Andrew Finch
“Lucky Tart” Tansy Rayner Roberts
Obituary Boy” Adam Browne
“Aspies and Auties” Alison Venugoban
“Chicken” Steve Wylie
Cover: Les Petersen
Internal: Greg Hughes “The Answer”

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